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As one of the healthiest foods out there, blueberries have more to offer than just good looks and taste!

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You can't go wrong eating blueberries as they continue to be one of the best choices to include in a healthy diet. Thanks to their high antioxidant levels, blueberries are considered one of the leading "superfruits" by researchers in Canada and U.S. who keep finding more and more health benefits from this tasty little berry. A 250ml (1 cup) serving of blueberries is all it takes to make up one of the 7-10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the Canadian Food Guide.

Antioxidants help neutralize harmful by-products called “free radicals” that can lead to cancer and other age-related diseases. In scientific testing, blueberries rank among the highest for antioxidant activity in testings of over 100 different foods. Here are some of the health benefits that consumption of blueberries have been linked to.

Heart Health
Blueberries have been linked to lowering blood pressure, as well as protecting the cardiac muscle during a heart attack and repairing damaged heart muscle.

Improved Insulin Response
Research has shown that blueberries can improve insulin response, resulting in lower blood glucose levels and reduced abdominal fat.

Brain Health
A recent study indicates some types of age-related memory loss might not just be prevented but actually reversed by consuming blueberries. Blueberries have also been linked to possibly treating Parkinson’s disease.

Reduced Cancer Risk
Multiple studies have shown a link between blueberries and reduced growth of breast cancer, as well as reduced growth of colon cancer cells

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