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Climate, soil, environment and passion - It all comes together for great blueberries right here in super, natural BC.

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For millennia, BC’s mighty Fraser River has meandered to the Pacific, creating a massive valley and delta that is one of the most productive growing regions in the world.

Hot summer days and cool nights power BC blueberries with the perfect combination of sweet and tart taste. Winter brings the highbush blueberry plants to their dormant phase so they can reset for the next summer.
BC’s 600+ blueberry growers harvest an average of 150 million pounds of blueberries annually from many types of blueberry varieties. With over 80 years of blueberry-growing experience, BC, Canada is now one of the largest highbush blueberry suppliers in the world.

Our growers put natural power in every pack.

BC growers have been perfecting their craft over generations with a focus on quality and food safety, and are proud to produce top-quality highbush blueberry varieties for Canada and the world.
Our valley is nestled among pristine mountains that supply an abundance of fresh, clean water, so it’s no wonder we care about the environment.  
Throughout the blueberry season, from July through September, BC blueberries are both hand-picked and machine-harvested, for availability in a variety of formats. From the field to your table, all types of BC blueberry varieties are handled with exceptional care to ensure optimum product quality and high food safety standards.

Fresh or frozen, you can be powered by nature all year long.

Blueberries are one of nature’s perfect superfoods, and BC makes some of the best in the world. Whether you take the family for a day of highbush blueberry picking at a blueberry farm or just grab a bag of frozen berries at your grocer, BC blueberries offer health benefits, versatility and awesome taste.

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