Healthy and Delicious BC Blueberries


News Releases

- January 28: BC Blueberries of Canada heads to Dubai to explore new international markets

- December 2: Healthy choices made delicious with BC blueberries
- November 15: BC Blueberries add local sparkle to holiday entertaining
- November 7: BC winds up another successful blueberry season
- August 13: BC Blueberries pack a punch in your packed lunch!
- July 10: Fresh BC Blueberry season brings a sweet and healthy boost to summer!
- June 14: Celebrate Canada Day with BC Blueberries!
- May 21: British Columbia on track for a strong blueberry season
- May 7: BC Blueberries offer brain-boosting power

- December 4: BC Blueberries offer a healthy start to the year
- November 20: A berry Happy Holidays with BC Blueberries!
- November 1: British Columbia ends blueberry season on a high note
- October 10: A spooky take on Halloween with BC "Boo-berries"!
- August 16: BC continues to enjoy strong blueberry harvest
- August 15: BC blueberry cocktails make the most of the remaining days of summer
- July 23: The time is ripe for fresh BC blueberries this season!
- July 3: Despite weather, B.C.'s blueberry industry on track for another strong season
- May 8: British Columbia looks forward to healthy blueberry harvest
- March 22: This year, get the "Easter Brunch Blues" in a good way!
- January 27: Sweet BC blueberries: the powerful local health food that's as close as your freezer aisle

Media Backgrounders

- Blueberries and the so-called "Dirty Dozen"
- Industry Backgrounder
- BC Blueberries: Did You Know...?
- Blueberries: Number One Superfood!
- What is a BC Blueberry?

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