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National Council Vote
Saturday, May 4, 2013

The blueberry industry is changing, and we need to take action to stay competitive in the global marketplace. As a member of the BC Blueberry Council, you have the power to influence the direction of our industry with the National Council vote on May 4.

By voting yes for the creation of the National Council, you’re voting for a stronger, more stable blueberry industry that will be more competitive. We’ll be able to fund more research, more marketing and more national and international outreach to promote the benefits of our blueberries.

On May 4, take action. Vote for the National Council.

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Vote Locations:
• Abbotsford: Mt. Lehman Hall, 6418 Mt Lehman Rd, Abbotsford
• Delta: East Delta Hall, 10379 Ladner Trunk, Delta
• Pitt Meadows: Lions Den, 1 - 12479 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows

Ballots will be provided in English and Punjabi.

Only registered members of the BC Blueberry Council are eligible to vote. If you are not registered, please bring valid proof showing that you are a BC blueberry grower. Valid proof is shown with either:
a. A valid 2012 year-end statement from your packer; or
b. A packing receipt for the 2012 season from your packer or processor.

Learn More:

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National Council Vote FAQs and Instructions - Punjabi
National Council Vote Proxy Form and Instructions - Punjabi

What is the National Council?
The National Council will be made up of Canadian blueberry growers just like you. The Council will expand on what we do here with the BC Blueberry Council, by focusing on promoting and supporting the highbush blueberry industry across Canada. The council will be a stronger, united group that can support and advocate for all of us at a national and international level.

Why do we need a National Council?
The world economy is unstable, and that means the prices of blueberries go up and down. It’s not enough to just increase the production of blueberries – we need to find new markets and buyers in Canada and around the world to stay competitive. With the National Council, we will be able to lobby for levies on imported blueberries, and use this money for more research and to promote blueberries around the world.

What will the National Council do and how will it help me, the grower?
The National Council will give us an opportunity to:
  1. Increase marketing and promotion of blueberries to Canadian and international consumers so that more people will be buying your blueberries;
  2. Fund research on the health benefits of blueberries to use in marketing and promotion;
  3. Increase research to improve production and product innovation that benefits growers;
  4. Establish a system for levies on imported blueberries from other countries to fund more research and marketing;
  5. Create a cooperative environment to build a sustainable industry for future generations; and
  6. Represent Canadian growers at international level discussions.

Contact Us
The BC Blueberry Council represents blueberry growers from across the province. We want to know what you think. Contact the BC Blueberry Council office at 604.864.2117.