Healthy and Delicious BC Blueberries

Exporting Opportunities for Fresh BC Blueberries to China and/or Republic of Korea (South Korea)

To prepare for the 2017 harvest and export of fresh BC Blueberries to either China or the Republic of Korea (South Korea), requirements for ability to register for these programs have been negotiated and are now available for consideration of Growers and Packing Facilities producing and/or packing only BC Blueberries.

Considerations for Growers:

  • Find a packer CFIA registered for export to South Korea and or China
  • Choose fields to register
  • Register production fields with CFIA
  • Hire a commercial IPM Consultant (Growers cannot monitor their own fields)
  • Able to meet the requirements listed in the grower compliance agreement enclosed
Considerations for Packers:   
  • Find growers that can provide quality monitored fruit
  • Make sure facilities are able to meet packer requirements listed in the compliance agreement enclosed.
  • Register packing facility with CFIA

Commercial IPM consultants are limited for this program and are listed below:

Consultant list to come. Please check back.

If you have questions regarding requirements of this program please contact:

CFIA e-mail:

CFIA contact names and phone numbers:

BURNABY SUB-DISTRICT OFFICE: Scott Green / Rebecca Bryden: 604-292-5640
ABBOTSFORD DISTRICT OFFICE: Jean-Michel Gagne: 604-557-4800

For general inquiries contact the BC Blueberry Council office:

Debbie Etsell
Executive Director