Healthy and Delicious BC Blueberries

Find BC Blueberries

Whether it's fresh, frozen or processed BC blueberries that you're seeking, we can help you find what you're looking for.

Commercially Packed Fresh are berries freshly packed in choices of quantity and grades for stores, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries and shipping abroad.

Processed Blueberries are for those who need commercially-packed, processed berries, such as frozen, puree, juice, dried, freeze dried, powder and infused.

Farm Fresh Berries are for home, friends and the discerning shopper who likes to buy local.

Organic Produce has seen a surge in the past few years and BC blueberry growers are striving to meet the needs of the consumer by providing spray-free or certified organic berries.

U-Pick Blueberries are a classic part of every BC childhood. Whether it is your first time or your 100th time, there is always fun to be found when picking your own blueberries. 

Our Commitment to Food Safety

The BC Blueberry Council has a strong commitment to on-farm food safety. Over the past 10 years the BC Blueberry Council has worked diligently with blueberry growers, packers and processors to ensure that our on-farm safety programs keep up with the changing requirements.

In 2015, BC Blueberry Council has received funding to continue updating our resources, and to
offer Food Safety Workshops and on-farm consultations to blueberry growers. With our food safety
program the BC Blueberry Council aims to give growers the tools they need to produce a safe, healthy product for consumers

The suppliers of BC Blueberries are proud to bring you a delicious, quality, food safe product year round.