Powered by Nature, BC’s blueberry crop is better than ever

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Abbotsford, BC – Thanks to Mother Nature’s mix of hot, dry weather with a sprinkle or two of rain thrown in over the past six weeks, B.C.’s 600-plus blueberry farmers are now in harvest mode.

In addition to the yield, farmers look for the quality and sweetness of the fruit. The verdict so far: this year’s fruit is excellent and tastier than ever.

Anju Gill, Executive Director of the BC Blueberry Council, says now that the season is upon us, consumers will be able to enjoy fresh berries through end of August.

“Our province’s rich soil and moderate climate creates perfect conditions to grow highbush blueberries. Combined with our growers’ expertise and experience a great tasting blueberry is produced.” Gill adds that this super fruit is not just enjoyed locally, with expanding exports BC blueberries are finding their way to tables in Asia, Europe and other parts of world. 

Throughout the summer, blueberry aficionados in BC can easily find berries at their local grocery store, community market or roadside sales. Many farms offer u-pick opportunities and/or sell direct to consumers.  In the winter, enjoy frozen berries from those you freeze yourself or from the local supermarket.

However you like to acquire this healthy berry, there’s plenty to go around as BC is home to thousands of acres of blueberry bushes. With over 80 years of blueberry-growing experience, the BC Blueberry Council represents more than 600 highbush growers. Combined, these growers have more than 11,000 hectares (27,000 acres) of highbush blueberries planted, supplying berries locally and globally.    

The BC Blueberry Council has a strong commitment to on-farm food safety and works diligently with blueberry growers and collaborates with packers and processors to ensure that BC blueberries meet the highest standards for food safety and quality. For more information: www.bcblueberry.com.