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The holidays are here and with this special time of year comes a busy social calendar. Be it hostess gifts, cookie exchanges, or goodies for teachers, colleagues and neighbours – having some treats on hand is always a smart idea. Not only are homemade gifts easy on the pocketbook, but nothing shows good tidings better than sharing a festive favourite, especially when they’re made with BC blueberries and packed with all the antioxidants and nutrients you need to offset the usual holiday indulging.  

Whip up a batch of Blueberry Linzer Cookies filled with scrumptious blueberry jam for Santa’s midnight snack or for loved ones with a sweet tooth. Don’t forget to make an extra batch for yourself, as these treats are as delicious as they are festive! For a gift so easy to make you can leave the elves in the workshop, try out the simple and delicious Dark Chocolate Blueberry Nut Bark recipe, studded with dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Pack pieces into a seasonal tin or jar and you’ve got an easy to make, go-to gift. Sweet Blueberry Mincemeat Pies are another top seasonal indulgence you may want to bake in bulk. Even though they freeze well, these pies – packed with raisins, cranberries, and sweet BC blueberries, are guaranteed to make even the grinchiest guests grin, and won’t last long!

If you find yourself hosting a seasonal soiree, offer a twist on the traditional with Braised Star Anise & Blueberry Pork Belly. This entrée is sure to spread cheer and joy across the dinner table. If you’re more of a potluck participant, sides like the Layered Blueberry Hazelnut Cheese Wheel and Savoury Blueberry Stuffing are crowd-pleasing, holly jolly favourites.  

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