Five Things We Love About Frozen BC Blueberries

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Whether you stock up during the summer season, or grab a bag while you're at the supermarket, there are lots of great reasons to have frozen BC blueberries on hand! Here are five things we love about frozen BC blueberries:

  1. Frozen blueberries grown in British Columbia are available year-round, which means we're able to whip up our favourite recipes throughout the year. Most grocery stores stock them in the freezer aisle - just look for the BC Grown logo, and if you can't see it, then make sure that the country of origin is listed as Canada. 
  2. Buying frozen BC blueberries helps us support our local farmers even in the middle of winter! We have over 800 growers in British Columbia, and blueberries are our country's most exported fruit!
  3. Research shows that nutritionally, frozen blueberries are just as healthy as fresh ones. In fact, they might be healthier because the antioxidants are more bio-available in frozen berries! Read more in this article
  4. The convenience of frozen blueberries can't be beaten, which means that we can keep a bag on hand at all times for baking and smoothie emergencies! Frozen berries can be used in a lot of the same recipes that you use fresh blueberries in. Search for recipes here
  5. Frozen blueberries actually work better than fresh berries in some recipes. For instance using frozen fruit in a smoothie keeps your drink nice and cold without adding ice. And the skins blend and break down a lot easier as well. 

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