Back to School Brain Boosters from BC Blueberries

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Back to school season is right around the corner and as families prepare with fresh erasers and crisp notebooks, they might also want to make sure BC Blueberries are packed in lunch boxes or served at the breakfast table to keep the kids as sharp as their brand-new pencils. Blueberries are chock full of memory-boosting antioxidants which may help fuel attention and focus throughout the day. A handful of these sweet berries can improve memory and overall brain function; just what you need after a fun filled summer.

Begin with a healthy breakfast of blueberry ginger pancakes for a double whammy of antioxidants to start your day off on the right foot. For morning movers and shakers, grab a blueberry pineapple ginger smoothie to make carpooling a little bit sweeter. With BC Blueberries, you can colour outside the lines and add them to any fruit or vegetable smoothie combination you can think of! Try feeding your little monkeys a blueberry and banana smoothie or add some blueberries to a put some pep into a smoothie made with leafy greens. The possibilities are as limitless as the square root of pi!

Speaking of pie, the blueberry lattice top pie, is sure to be a top seller at any bake sale fundraiser. Make a loaf of blueberry banana bread for the next PTA meeting or wrap a few slices to enjoy with lunch. If your little ones are sweet enough already, a hearty blueberry turkey burger for lunch offers lean protein and keeps their bellies and brains full until the three o’clock bell.

The best way to enjoy B.C.-grown blueberries is by the handful but for those who are handy in the kitchen, make sure you dig through our Recipe Section for more than 100 creative and healthy recipes - from nutritious breakfasts and traditional baking, through to salads, cocktails and ideas for the grill.