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Naturally sweet BC blueberries are available year-round!

Find BC Blueberries

Whether it's fresh, frozen or processed BC blueberries that you're seeking, we can help you find what you're looking for.


Fresh BC blueberries are available from July through until September in the produce department of supermarkets, at farmers markets, fresh from the farm gate, and ready for you and your family to harvest yourselves at a u-pick farm. 

In addition to fresh blueberries and u-pick opportunities during the summer, some of our growers also offer farm-direct frozen berries year-round. We recommend that you always call ahead to ensure availability. Click here to see a list of growers offering farm direct sales.  

Of course, delicious BC blueberries are available year round, as close at the freezer aisle of your local supermarket. If the bag doesn't feature a "BC Grown" logo, check the country of origin listed on the bag to make sure it says "Canada" - that way you can make sure you're supporting local farmers.

Throughout the year, you can also find juices, jams and a range of other products all containing BC-grown blueberries, in supermarkets and specialty stores, at some farm gates, and at your local farmer's markets. 

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