Powered by nature - with some of the cleanest air, purest water and richest soils in the known universe.

Find out why BC is one of the best growing environments for blueberries. Period.

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2019 IBO Summit, Richmond, BC

Richmond, BC

2019 CPMA Convention & Trade Show

Montreal, Canada

NABC & USHBC Meeting

San Diego, USA

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Powered by nature -
Our story.

BC’s pure waters, clean air, rich soils and moderate climate create perfect growing conditions for blueberries. The British Columbia Blueberry Council represents more than 600 growers of premium quality highbush blueberries, producing an average of 150 million lbs annually. British Columbia is one of the largest highbush blueberry growing regions in the world, making blueberries Canada’s number one small fruit export. Every berry grown and harvested in BC brings natural energy and superfood health to recipes, tables, kitchens and berry snackers.